The True Israelites

True knowledge of self . What is it?Who have it ? Everybody have their version of it.Can everybody’s version be right or correct ?Is it complete ? I ‘ m not here to question anybody’s version of the true knowledge of self.I have studied and studied and studied.The only thing I want in this world is truth and the Descendants of the Originators of this universe be restored to their right or proper place in this universal scheme of things.I’m not a writer,nor a scholar I am a creative thinker and as I’ve said before there is no way my two index fingers are going to keep up with my thoughts which travel at a speed or velocity of 24 billion miles per second.I’m sure everybody agree that knowledge of self is the greatest knowledge of all knowledge.There is so much diversity in our thinking on this subject.Where did all the diversity come from?To understand the true knowledge of self you have to view yourself in the true light of our-story and not history.I’m not going into our ancient our-story ,just the last 6,000 years, that’s when our-story began to be distorted.This also coincides with a new people that came on the scene.There is a particular part of our-story that we have completely overlooked in seeking the true knowledge of self.We know that 6,000 years ago a new race of people were made ,whom we refer to as the devil or white folks .We see these people walking around on our planet every day.These are the descendants of the people , made on the island of Patmos or Pelan .They are under the curse of Caine and their pale leprous skin makes them easy to identify.Due to the fact that these devils are still parading around the planet killing, stealing,raping the indigenous people .Being that one of our scientist and 59,999 of his followers are directly responsible for the making of the devils. All our people did not participate in the project of the making of the devil.All our people didn’t go to the island of Patmos.How can we distinguish the descendants of Yakub and the 59,999 Elohim from other Black People in the diaspora that look identical to us.Who are the descendants of this 60,000 that went on that island and made a new people in their image.These people are the most important people on the face of the planet earth today. How can you identify them?Where are they? Who are they?Are you a descendant of Yakub and the 59,999 Elohim?These are not questions that can’t be answered.As a matter of fact they can be easily answered.Do you want to know the answer?Do you truly want true knowledge of self ?It’s not a secret that we ,the descendents of slaves in the diaspora are also the direct descendents of the same people (geneticist) that went to the Isle of Patmos and said let us make man in our image and our likeness and let them have dominion….(Gen.1:26-27). This is the true knowledge of self the devil never want us realize. Your Brother and servant, Akbar  El-Bey

The Seven Tiers Of Suns

The Seven Tiers of Suns
hen the 6,000-year period of creative meditation is completed,
the substances will begin to condense. The first substance that
condenses from the mind into existence is magnetism. So the first
sun starts as a purely magnetic sun and remains that way for many
billions of years.
7 teirs of suns Now, the creation of the universe is a simple effortless process involving
only the imagination, but the description of the process using words, written or
spoken, is very difficult.
The creation of all stars is sequential, as already stated, with one star being
initiated or ‘set in place’ every 7,000 years. But before each star is set in its
place, there is a larger process of coordination of all the heavenly bodies that
will coexist in a given region. Such regions are divided into seven tiers, like
circles within circles. The first tier or smallest circle is a solar system such as ours,
and is made up of planets orbiting a sun. The second tier is made up of a
group of solar systems revolving around a larger sun.
These larger suns also form a group or family of suns that revolve around an
even larger sun, forming a third tier. This pattern is repeated identically, with
each tier much larger than the one before, up to the seventh tier.
The seventh tier is a group of galaxies orbiting around what may be called
a galactic sun, for lack of a better word. Therefore there are seven tiers or
classes of suns. Our sun is a first tier sun, and together with its companions such
as Alpha Centauri, Sirius, the Pleiades, and many other, revolve around a
much larger sun, called a second tier, or second class sun. The second class
suns are created before the first class suns, and the third class suns are
created before the second class and so on, up to the seventh tier sun, which
is the largest and the first to be created.
But all the higher class suns remain as purely magnetic suns for a long
time, even after the first class suns like ours have completely condensed and
appear as orbs of light. Thus the higher tier suns remain invisible, and are
known to modern scientists only by their ‘gravitational’ effects. As stated
before, these effects are not ‘gravitational’, unless ‘gravitational’ is redefined
as magnetic.
Because of the large size of these suns compared to first class suns like our
sun, their magnetic attraction is much stronger. And because they remain as
purely magnetic suns for a long time, without any light substance to make
them visible, they’re quite an enigma to modern scientists. They can detect
the ‘gravitational pull’ (magnetic attraction) that it exerts on all neighboring
space objects, even on light itself, yet they themselves remain invisible. For this
reason they are called ‘black holes’.

Black Holes

They’re called black holes because modern instruments cannot detect
them, but can detect only their physical effects on surrounding bodies,
including the effects they have on light. They exist in deep blackness because
they have not yet formed an electrical and light substance. In addition,
there’s no ether around them for light to travel. So when light waves enter their
region, the light appears to be ‘swallowed’ into an abyss and disappears. It
becomes invisible due to the lack of ether. Light can only travel in ether or
space. Without it, the movement of light is inhibited and the light waves
eventually disintegrate and become one with the magnetic substance. Thus
these magnetic suns form a region around themselves of pure blackness,
where only their magnetic presence exists. Therefore they appear to the
telescope as ‘black holes’. That is the first type of black hole.
A second type is formed when a regular sun or group of suns have
reached the end of their allotted time of existence as light orbs. They then
‘evaporate’ and their light, ether, and electrical substances revert back to
magnetic substance. Such suns, when they become purely magnetic suns,
usually join together with others in their vicinity and form a large invisible
magnetic body, though not as large as the higher tier suns. They form a
second type of black hole for the same reason. Those that do not join with
others form a smaller black hole still.
Other suns ‘die’ differently, not by reverting to a higher substance, but by
condensing further from light orbs and becoming gas orbs, somewhat like the
planet Jupiter, but much larger. If they collapse further, they go from the
gaseous stage and actually become giant solid planets. Because of their
intense magnetic quality, they are not the type of planets suitable for
habitation. When they’re detected by modern instruments, they’re called
‘black or red or white dwarf suns’, depending on their color

It’s Time To Withdraw Your Membership To The United States!


Citizenship SchoolIf you are a member of an organization that begins to do things you don’t like, the rational course of action would be to withdraw your financial support to that organization and cease to be a member.

If your bank misbehaves or charges you ridiculous extra fees just because it can according to your “agreement” with the bank, the rational course of action would be to withdraw your financial support and cease to be a customer.

If your insurance coverage starts to diminish in quality or denies you your due benefits or coverage when you need it, the rational course of action would be to withdraw your financial support to that company and cease to be a member.

If my doctor or hospital began to practice bad medicine and cause more illness than it cured, the rational course of action would be to withdraw financial support to that hospital or…

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