The True Israelites

True knowledge of self . What is it?Who have it ? Everybody have their version of it.Can everybody’s version be right or correct ?Is it complete ? I ‘ m not here to question anybody’s version of the true knowledge of self.I have studied and studied and studied.The only thing I want in this world is truth and the Descendants of the Originators of this universe be restored to their right or proper place in this universal scheme of things.I’m not a writer,nor a scholar I am a creative thinker and as I’ve said before there is no way my two index fingers are going to keep up with my thoughts which travel at a speed or velocity of 24 billion miles per second.I’m sure everybody agree that knowledge of self is the greatest knowledge of all knowledge.There is so much diversity in our thinking on this subject.Where did all the diversity come from?To understand the true knowledge of self you have to view yourself in the true light of our-story and not history.I’m not going into our ancient our-story ,just the last 6,000 years, that’s when our-story began to be distorted.This also coincides with a new people that came on the scene.There is a particular part of our-story that we have completely overlooked in seeking the true knowledge of self.We know that 6,000 years ago a new race of people were made ,whom we refer to as the devil or white folks .We see these people walking around on our planet every day.These are the descendants of the people , made on the island of Patmos or Pelan .They are under the curse of Caine and their pale leprous skin makes them easy to identify.Due to the fact that these devils are still parading around the planet killing, stealing,raping the indigenous people .Being that one of our scientist and 59,999 of his followers are directly responsible for the making of the devils. All our people did not participate in the project of the making of the devil.All our people didn’t go to the island of Patmos.How can we distinguish the descendants of Yakub and the 59,999 Elohim from other Black People in the diaspora that look identical to us.Who are the descendants of this 60,000 that went on that island and made a new people in their image.These people are the most important people on the face of the planet earth today. How can you identify them?Where are they? Who are they?Are you a descendant of Yakub and the 59,999 Elohim?These are not questions that can’t be answered.As a matter of fact they can be easily answered.Do you want to know the answer?Do you truly want true knowledge of self ?It’s not a secret that we ,the descendents of slaves in the diaspora are also the direct descendents of the same people (geneticist) that went to the Isle of Patmos and said let us make man in our image and our likeness and let them have dominion….(Gen.1:26-27). This is the true knowledge of self the devil never want us realize. Your Brother and servant, Akbar  El-Bey


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